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On November 6, 2009, our PR Publications class took a trip to the campus print shop. The Eagle Print Shop that was once in the Williams Center has MOVED and is conveniently in the new Centennial Place Apartments across from the student union. This tour was very successful because everyone left feeling like they now had a place they could go to fulfill all of their printing needs.

From the brochures that we needed printed for our PR Publications class, to graduation announcements, they do it. They print EVERYTHING!! On our tour, we learned about paper quality, colors, and everything else they do. From laminating bookmarks to printing and binding books for instructors, they definitely have their work cut out for them.

At first glance, you would never think they would produce such quality work because they are in such a tight spot, but they are making do with the space they have. They showed us samples of different posters that they’ve printed for various school functions as well as tickets and programs. The print shop is not only for students, but the community can use them for their printing needs as well.

Their prices are probably the cheapest in the Boro’ and the quality is phenomenal. I had to print two brochures on 80lb glossy paper and that was only $1.48, which was the cheapest quoted price that I received.

Another thing that was interesting about the print shop is that you don’t have to physically drop your work off for them to print your material. You can email them at printshop@georgiasouthern.edu. They just ask that all of your work is formatted correctly and give specific directions of what you need.

For more information about what they do contact them at 912-478-5697.