Jayme Says…

The Twitter Takeover!

Posted on: April 2, 2010

Twitter did not get popular until recently. My PR Publications professor introduced me to it last semester. I was so reluctant to try it because i did not see a point in it. I would update my status once, maybe twice a week. I was not until we were able to use Twitter interactively during class that i began to see the importance of it. Our professor allowed us to tweet about the different presentations that were going on during the time. While many professors are anti-cell phones during class, this instructor allowed it as long as there was Twitter activity. It was a fun because once your presentation was done, you could then look and see what your fellow classmates said about your presentation.

Twitter has also taken over cell phones. With applications like Ubertwitter (Blackberry), Echophone (iphone), and Twitroid (Android) it has been easier to access and update. This is a great tools for any PR student or professional because it is our job to stay in “the know” about what is going on around us.

Twitter is a tool for advertising and marketing. Why not create applications where you can have all of this at your fingertips? Twitter has become a convenience that everyone should have and experience, especially if you are in the field of communications.


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