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What is this Senior Seminar that We Speak Of?!

Posted on: March 22, 2010

Senior Seminar was not meant to cause seniors like me to pull our hair out. It is a class that is designed for students, who instead of venturing into the real world of work, wants to go the graduate school route. This class merges theory with the actual practice of Public Relations (PR). We as the student might not be able to see the benefit right now, but as we open our minds to the different theories and ideas that we are learning, it should come. We are learning a more effective way to communicate through understanding the different theories in which our clients may communicate.

It is important to note that we as PR practitioners do not know everything about communication, but the classes that we take prepare us for some of the obstacles we may face. Some of the theories that we’ve discussed in class include:

  • Conflict Resolution: this is not the actual conflict, but how it is handled. What we as PR practitioners do or did to diffuse our clients’ conflicts.
  • Framing Theory: this is when journalist and reporters choose whom to talk to, what kind of questions to ask, and even what kind of words to use in their stories. They do this for the sake of the angle they are choosing to take when reporting their stories.
  • Limited Effects Theory: this is when certain types of media don’t get through because it goes against a person’s beliefs and values; therefore, it doesn’t phase them much.

All of these are theories that are very valid in the PR field and they help us cater to our client in a more efficient way. It is very important to understand that the things we do as PR professionals are not just on a whim. Instead, there are rules. Social rules and social norms that we must understand before diving head first into our PR careers.

We are also doing different exercises that should enhance our ability in the future. For instance, this blog post is a part of what is expected of us as senior seminar students. It is to help us considering a great deal of our time will be spent talking to our different publics through blogs and different social media posts.

Overall, this class was designed to be more help than hurt. It is a lot of work, but it is beneficial work.

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