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Indesign can make THE design…How to use transparency!

Posted on: October 21, 2009

CS2-indesignIndesign has PLENTY of different features for you to use in order to make a publication really POP!! From importing pictures to different graphic designs, it all helps in making an effective design. The transparency tool is my favorite. It’s a really cool way to personalize your design by adding a little something extra. You can use transparency to give the illusion of a watermark or just a background behind words to keep your publication from being bland. What ever you decide to use it for, these are the steps to doing it correctly:

1. Start by creating and designing a new document.

2. Next, if you want a picture to be transparent, you have to use the selection arrow to select that specific box with the picture in it.

3. When the box is selected, go to the far right side of your screen, the third menu down (under the swatches in CS2)

4. Transparency will be one of the tabs. Select that tab. You can experiment with the different opacities. Choose your percentage (1 percent being the lightest or the most transparent to 100 percent being opaque).


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