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Typography is important!

Posted on: September 29, 2009

Typography is the art or process of printing with type. In order to have an effective publication you have to understand what goal you are trying to achieve with your design.  When choosing a font, first you have to decide what kind of audience you’re designing for. Then after you’ve gotten all of that decided, you want to choose a font that can be easily read.

Also when designing a publication, you want to keep in mind that the font needs to go along with your target public. You don’t want to be designing for a church or a bake sale and you use wingdings or some gothic halloween font. There are a few issues with doing that, first of all, no one understands wingdings, and secondly, gothic halloween fonts would not be an affective way to convey your key message. When choosing a font, that should be what is at the forefront of all font decisions..DOES IT GET ACROSS THE KEY MESSAGE?

Although a church or a bake sale would not be the greatest place for halloween or creepy fonts, there are some times when specialized fonts do the job. Specialized fonts can really help convey a message better than regular classic fonts. For instance, if you were throwing a Halloween party as a charity fundraiser or if you need little pictures to go along with your message, the creepy halloween fonts and wingdings would be affective. They would help express the message a little better.

Now, back to the basics of typography…for a business card,  since they are already really small, you want to use small font. It is suggested that you use 9 point font for the company name and 8 point font for other text. I personally think experimenting would be a good idea because it would make your business card less cookie cutter. For brochures, it is suggested that headings be 14 point font and the rest of the text be 12. Again, experimentation is key to me, no one wants clutter and everyone needs to be able to read it in order for it to be affective.

For my first time designers, there are places on the web that you can get free fonts that can be easily downloaded to your computer. Urbanfonts.com or dafonts.com are both good places to begin. Google also has other places that you can go to get more fonts. Urbanfonts even has a FAQs section that answers all questions about how to install fonts and if they don’t answer it on there, they have a place where you can send them an email.

Sources: www.dictionary.com and Strategic Publications, Designing for Target Publics


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