Jayme Says…

Segmenting Publics

Posted on: September 22, 2009

We were given the assignment of finding an on/off campus organization to create a helpful brochure for. I chose March of Dimes because I actually want to work with them in the future. Although they are a bigger non-profit organization, I feel using them as my potential client will be more beneficial. They focus on issues of prenatal care as well as caring for a newborn baby and how to have the most healthy and successful pregnancy as possible.

To be successful in letting the world know of their wonderful work, we must first know who they are trying to inform. Segmenting publics is finding  out what audience your client is trying to reach. You can do this by researching and finding out the demographics and psychographics of a potential group.  Considering March of Dimes focuses on healthy pregnancies and baby health, their audience would probably be more focused on married couples and mothers in the child bearing age. Another potential public might be one in the grandparent age, the parents of these mothers and married couples because they to may have some questions and concerns for their future grandchild. For the brochures sake, we’re going to focus more on the parents. Through extensive research, it would be easier to find out exactly who March of Dimes is trying to reach.

March of Dimes wants to prevent and lessen birth defects so I stay away from a hard design. Instead, I would use delicate designs as well as lightweight fonts that make it possible for my potential audiences to relate to. They are trying to relate important information like things to do before you’re pregnant, when you’re pregnant, and after you give birth so it is also important to not allow the information get lost in too much design.

Source :  http://www.marchofdimes.com/home.asp


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