Jayme Says…

It’s all C.R.A.P…

Posted on: September 14, 2009

To have a great publications, one must know a couple things to help them out. C.R.A.P does not only refer to a bad meal at your favorite local restaurant, it also refers to a couple of publications rules someone should remember. According to Robin Williams (the graphic designer, not the comedian), these following four things are the most crucial in having an effective design.

C: contrast

R: repetition

A: alignment

P: proximity

Contrast is important because it lets the reader know which elements of the design is the most important by highlighting them or bolding them or really making them pop. It allows the reader’s eyes to flow from the most important things to the less important details…and in that order. Contrast is necessary for any great design because it keeps the spectator from having information overload by trying to decide for themselves what they need to take away from the design. Instead, through contrast that is done for them. They don’t need to guess about what is important because a good designer “tells” them what’s important. Using contrasting fonts makes for an interesting design as well. You want to have colors that are related or at least show up to the same family reunion…you dont want colors from the opposite side of the color wheel and expect them to do well together. Contrasting fonts work the same way, you want fonts that are aesthetically appealing to what you’re designing. For example, you wouldnt use your scariest Halloween fonts to design for a children’s hospital or a daycare. You want your design to flow and having contrast really does just that.


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